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I love you, Tumblr. I promise it’s not personal, but I got a Facebook page.Like the page and look out for a slew of new remixes coming soon. 

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at Black Wax Creative
We probably freaked out a few people in their offices. BTS with @rongejon #blackwax  (at Black Wax Creative)
BTS with @rongejon shoot. Levatation    (at Black Wax Creative)
Supergirl landed on my roof! Behind the scenes for a @rongejon shoot.  (at Black Wax Creative)
allienette asked: Your playlist is amazing thank you so much ahhh ^-^

thankyou for listening Xx.xX

buttdreamsforever asked: do i have to be a rapper to see these paintings?

naw. fuck rappers

hello-the-hype-is-so-mellow asked: I don't suppose perth was on ur agenda? how'd I miss that u guys were touring aus! :/

It was a brief visit. was only around for a week. dj’d few clubs


Fuck you buddy
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